London, A documentary film, Bring Him Back - about the struggle of Maqbool Bhat's mother to get her son's mortal remains back from Tihar jail of India, was released during a screening on 10 Feb. 2015 at the University of Westminster in London.

The film is directed by Kashmiri journalist and writer, Fahad Shah, and has been produced by Talat Bhat, who is a filmmaker and activist based in Sweden under the RåFILM Production.


The screening was followed by a panel discussion between Fahad Shah, Talat Bhat, Shaukat Maqbool, son of late Maqbool Bhat, and Dr. Syed Nazir Gilani - a human rights activist.The event was convened by Dr. Dibyesh Anand, who is the head of the department of International Relations at the university.

Dr. Syed Nazir Gilani has been the Chairman of “Kashmiri Tulba Ittehad”, an alliance of six students organizations, constituted at Jinnah Courts Muslim Hostel, Karachi, Pakistan on 13 July 1981 to “Save the Life of Maqbool Bhat”. Maqbool Bhat and his colleagues visited Dr. Gilani when the latter was in prison in Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir in January 1974.

“Kashmiri Tulba Ittehad” launched a campaign of sending telegrams to leaders and dignitaries around the world, appealing to intervene and secure the release of Maqbool Bhat.

Several people from several cities of Britain comprising of students, activists, filmmakers, and journalists were among the audience. It is a 25 minute long film that was made in two years of time and was shot in several phases in Kashmir region.

In the film, Shahmali Begum, Maqbool Bhat's mother is shown going from pillar to post to seek help to get the mortal remains of her son back.
Maqbool Bhat was imprisoned and later hanged in Tihar jail of India on February 11, 1984 and his body was buried in the jail compound.

In the next few months, the film will be screened in various cities of UK and world like Birmingham, Manchester, Berlin, London, New York,
New Delhi and Kashmir also. More info.